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Course program

The lessons take place in my studio in the central Ursula district of Cologne, about a 5-minute walk from the main station. Lesson times are generally Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. by appointment. Fees start at EUR 50.00 for a unit of 40 minutes (pricing for Germany). 40, 55, and 90 minutes are possible, but also small group lessons with two singers ("mini masterclass"). Customized offers upon request.

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Individual Lessons / 1:1 Coaching

Singing, voice training, speech training: all levels, all styles, music theory, piano and guitar basics. English pronunciation training (Transatlantic American Accent for non-native speakers) as well as German pronunciation training, instrumental accompaniment, repertoire work and much more.


Online Coaching

Not only a good alternative under pandemic conditions - distances don't matter. The same prices apply as for in-person-lessons.


Workshops & Masterclasses

Experience singing and voice in the community - learn from and with others in a supportive master class setting: individual coaching for everyone in the presence of the group. Prices depending on the offer.


Ensemble Coaching

Whether individual voice training, working with individual registers or the entire choir/ensemble, polyphony, more confidence in tone, movement in sound.


Customized Classes

Talk to me about your desired course or workshop. All possible formats are conceivable: CVT special for beginners and advanced students, position training for your choir, small groups, closed workshops, coaching for your small ensemble, your singing group, speaking training for your teachers and much more.

Kurse nach Wunsch

Online Workshops

Voice training and speech training can also be carried out online in group workshops on Zoom - the pandemic has shown it! Depending on the offer or individually tailored, as speech training for your teaching staff or individual voice training for your choir.

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Erste Gesangsstunde

What happens in your first singing lesson?

This article is primarily aimed at those who want to take singing lessons or voice training for the first time. 


Maybe you're nervous about the first singing lesson of your life, maybe you've had a bad experience with singing lessons in the past, maybe you're just a little excited and curious – so here's a little insight into what to expect when you come to me for the first time.


First, I'd like to hear about your vocal journey (because everyone has one!) and where you want it to go. What is your goal, your motivation? This can be concrete: "I have a performance I'm preparing for", or more broadly: "I want to be able to hold my own better in the choir and not be hoarse after rehearsal", or simply: "I want to get to know my voice better" – or anything along these lines.


You don't need to fill out a questionnaire or "audition" for me, we'll just talk on the sofa, you'll get to know me a bit and you can get to know the room.


You can think about what you would like to sing beforehand, preferably a song that you are good at and like. But we can also find something together. In any case, I won't tell you what to sing!


When the moment is right, we'll go to the piano and get started. Depending on what song you choose, I can accompany you on the piano, or we can find a playback for it. Or maybe we'll just run the original track, or I'll sing a little bit with you.


This gives me a chance to hear (and see) you sing, and get a concrete idea of where and how we can start, and in what ways I can help you and your voice, your singing, your musicality. 


As an authorized CVT teacher, I work with the Complete Vocal Technique and will be happy to introduce it to you if you wish. 


Most important for successful voice training, however, is to build up trust – this of course takes some time, but at our first meeting we can create a solid foundation. I am looking forward to meeting you!

PLEASE NOTE: There's no free of charge trial lesson since one thing for sure: you will learn something in this first session – that's my promise!

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