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Complete Vocal Technique

The more consciously we can use our voice, the more confidence and security we gain and the more opportunities we have to devote ourselves to what is essential - namely, telling stories with our music and touching other people on a deeper emotional level. Conversely, working with the voice can improve health and general well-being. Singing can make you happy & healthy! My fascination with the voice led me to Complete Vocal Technique in 2017, and I took the 3-year course in Copenhagen to become an Authorized CVT Teacher, graduating in 2020.

The Complete Vocal Technique (CVT) is an innovative and groundbreaking method for anyone interested in working with the voice and healthy singing, from beginners to professionals, regardless of genre and singing style.

For centuries, the primary goal of Western singing theory was to bring the individual voice closer to a strictly defined sound ideal. Since you couldn't see what's happening in your body while singing, all sorts of myths have been formed around singing. Today, highly developed imaging methods enable precise insights into the functioning of our human voice. Cathrine Sadolin, founder of CVT, has been conducting extensive research on the subject of voice and singing in collaboration with a team of fellow singers and experts from medicine and physics for many years. From her findings she has developed the Complete Vocal Technique, which is clearly structured and can be implemented immediately, which helps rock tubes as well as jazz interpreters and classical singers and which is also constantly evolving.


You can find more about CVT and what the three basic principles, modes and effects are all about here on the website of the Complete Vocal Institute.

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