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Here's what Krissy's students say

Krissy is not only an imaginative and highly skilled teacher, she's a wonderful person who creates a supportive sense of community within her studio. I've learned so much from her!

Heather, Dusseldorf


Ever since I was little it has been my dream to take singing lessons, but most of the coaching was too technical and impersonal for me. It's different with Krissy - her focus is on fun and individual support. She takes a lot of time for her students and always knows what is necessary to achieve the desired musical goal. With Krissy you can only feel good!

Lina, Leverkusen

Krissy truly understands the physiology of the voice and helped me to expand my range. Just one lesson with her prior to an audition helped me hit those notes though and build my confidence … and I got the part! Krissy's beautiful voice and her teaching techniques will inspire any singer wanting to develop their vocal capabilities.

Kathy, Moraga CA


I think Krissy is a wonderful singing teacher! I've been going to her for a good six months now and I've already made significant progress. But I find it even more important that the singing lessons with her are always a lot of fun! Krissy has a huge repertoire of methods and is not only great at explaining how singing works and what I should do, but is also always able to demonstrate it herself. She is always open to new song requests from all possible genres and creates a warm atmosphere in which I feel safe trying new things. A big recommendation!!

Anna, Bonn

I never considered myself a singer. When I started working with Krissy, I wanted to improve my speaking voice. Through her empathic coaching I not only discovered how powerful my voice can be, but also a passion for singing and performing. Thank you, Krissy, for giving me the space to finally raise my voice!

Nahal, Cologne


Taking singing lessons with Krissy means so much more than "just" learning to sing or developing your singing skills. Every hour that I spend with her is filled with new insights about myself and of course the art of singing, with laughter and beautiful moments together. Krissy's relaxed, open and warm manner makes you feel at ease.
A competent teacher and a great person!

Mara, Cologne

I attended Krissy's CVT workshop in California and found it to be extremely helpful. The CVT approach demystified singing and gave me new tools that actually work to allow me to sing in a healthy way, protect my voice from going hoarse and to hit challenging notes with ease. Krissy did a wonderful job teaching the course materials and her demonstrations were an essential part of the learning process. With a background as a trained dancer, singing consistently well with sufficient support has always been a challenge. Understanding the anatomy of singing and how the muscle memory can be reprogrammed to support rather than constrict the sound finally seems accessible and achievable. As a vocal coach, Krissy is quite skilled in helping you identify what could be improved and then walking you through the best CVT tools to get you there. After many, many years of voice lessons, this innovative approach really was a turning point for me in understanding how we can set ourselves up to sing our best. 

Jen, San Francisco CA

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