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Pulling Your Inner Janis Joplin

My 3yrs training at the Complete Vocal Institute in Copenhagen is drawing to an end, and my class will be graduating this June! Last seminar‘s overall focus was on an advanced stuff called „vocal effects“. What’s that? Well, imagine you‘re cast to play Janis Joplin in a show and you have to reproduce those fierce sounds that made her famous night after night, 8 shows a week. Or you want to pimp your personal vocal sound cuz you’re a Rock singer. Or you’re an actor and you have to yell and shout on stage cuz your part demands it so. Those are „rough“ effects. But there‘s so many other options to embellish and individualize your voice AND express your emotions without hurting yourself: Rattle, Growl - think James Brown, Stevie Wonder ... - and Vocal Breaks - Country, Yodel -, different types of Vibrato and many more. In CVT all teachers learn how to produce those sounds IN A HEALTHY way and how to teach it. So, today I practiced Distortion (turn on the sound if you dare), found the emotional connection and pulled my inner Janis Joplin. ✨💥


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