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Keeping Distance Hand In Hand

What crazy times are these! I hope you and your loved ones are healthy and manage to deal with all the new challenges in your daily routine – minding children, elderly parents, organise work, washing hands, getting used to unfamiliar greeting rituals, shop toilet paper, and so on.

Maybe you're grabbing the chance to finally konmarie that closet, try that amazing recipe or learn the song that's been haunting you for a while.

I think the Corona experience can actually bring us closer together as a society, as humans – figuratively speaking, of course. The best way to overcome that crisis is to keep calm and follow recommendations and guidelines – first and foremost, to keep our distance from each other, literally speaking.

I do feel the change in my personal and professional life; the workshops and group activities that I've planned for my singers and all the musically interested people out there will have to wait.

And what about individual lessons? Well, I have to talk to all my current students to see how we deal with the situation.

Luckily, we live in the digital era; online lessons are a great way to teach voice individually – and a fun thing to do if you're under order of "shelter-in-place" and can't leave home unless it's absolutely necessary.

We'll get over this, that much is for sure. It's on us to make sure to get through it fast, by complying with common sense and science.

Enjoy the spring despite it all – maybe this is the time to stop and smell the roses. 🌹

Love, Krissy


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