Singing isn’t just a matter of technique, that’s for sure. But the more we master our voice, the more confidence we will gain and the more options we’ll have at hand to get to what singing is really about – telling stories through our music that touch people’s hearts.


Complete Vocal Technique (CVT) is an innovative and groundbreaking method that leads to a healthy way of singing, for all levels of singers, no matter their genre and style.


For the better part of the history of singing vocal training was about adapting the individual voice to the classical operatic sound. There was no way of knowing what really happened in the body while singing, and that is why there are so many myths around it. Today, state of the art imaging methods allow precise insights into the functioning of the human voice. Cathrine Sadolin, founder of CVT, has done and is still doing comprehensive research in voice and singing, in collaboration with singing colleagues, but also with medical experts and physicists. This constantly growing knowledge is the foundation of the Complete Vocal Technique, a clear and hands-on method that is designed for all genres. 


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