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The story behind KD Vocal Coaching

For many years I have been on stage as a singer, whether with a band, in a duo, in musicals, with a choir or acapella ensemble, whether as a singer-songwriter with my own pieces or as the frontwoman of a show band. It particularly appeals to me to keep opening up other musical worlds and to move in different styles: blues & jazz, folk, rock, pop and soul, musical and classical.


I completed my singing training with renowned teachers, including Bruno Hetzendorfer (Abraxas Musical Academy, Munich) and Noelle Turner (Folkwang University of the Arts, Essen). There were also master classes in EVT (Estill Voice Training) and musicals with lecturers from the StageSchool, Hamburg, as well as acting (including The Lareen Fender Ballet School Performing Arts, Walnut Creek, CA, USA).

San Francisco has become my heart's home after several years of living and freelance work there (in musicals and revue shows, as a soloist in concerts at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, and with my own productions), and I still am there musically active, even though I now live and work in Cologne again. The diverse music community in the Bay Area and the literally endless possibilities it offers have had a lasting influence on me. Here, very gradually, the idea of teaching singing came up. 

In order to give my teaching a solid basis, after my return from the USA, I started the three-year training course to become an authorized CVT teacher at the Complete Vocal Institute in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2017 and successfully completed it in June 2020. The training not only includes singing and voice technique, but comprehensive pedagogical and didactic know-how. 

For me, teaching is the logical continuation of my musical career. I enjoy sharing my experience with others. This includes not only working with the voice and the interpretation of the songs, but also everything else that belongs to the performing arts: stage presence, dealing with stage fright and very practical tips for the stage (how do I communicate with my pianist? What make-up for studio light? How do you use a music stand?). I love bringing singers together, so they can create something in their own right, and every now and then I manage to put someone in a band or choir. Last but not least, I would like to convey what is the greatest thing about performing for me: the joy of playing, the fulfillment of a successful performance, the feeling of connection with those who share the experience - on, in front of and behind the stage.

We develop and evolve in community. Here are some of the communities that I am a member of and/or that I support.



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